The Company

Architectural Models & Designs LLC. specializes in the creation of cost-effective high detailed architectural scale models, renderings, & designs. Our company is committed and focused on providing clients with the most accurate architectural models in the industry.

Since its beginning, the company has produced and delivered over 250 architectural scale models within North America to cities like New York, Seattle, Detroit, Toronto, and Vancouver. Additionally, Miami Architectural Models & Designs has also produced and delivered architectural scale models to the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Spain and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

To cater to our clients’ needs, our scale model builders produce a variety of architectural scale models such as:

Scale Models with Interactive Lighting System
Detailed Architectural Scale Models
Scale Models for Sales Gallery
Conceptual Scale Models
Mass Scale Models and Urban Scale Models
Traveling Scale Models
Interior Scale Models
Movie Props Scale Models
Mansions Scale Models
Topographic Site and Plat Tables Scale Models

Architectural Models & Designs of Miami is always finding new ways of achieving excellence and innovation. Our scale model makers are constantly creating new techniques to evolve in the architectural scale model making and design industry. Interactive lighting systems, miniature details, realism in the landscaping, and water effects make the company an industry leader. Our techniques and finishes are exclusive components which result in successful finished architectural scale models and designs.

Our Team

Our team is made up of professional architects & scale model builders with over 20 years of experience in the scale model making industry. Our scale model builders have the capacity of handling materials like acrylics, plastics, styrene, wood, matte board, laminates and more. Our scale model makers use both laser cut plastics and hand fabricated parts in order to execute and produce the most accurate architectural scale models.

George Rodson

George Rodson

Principal – Director of Design

For over 20 years the founder and backbone of Architectural Models & Designs of Miami has been involved in the making of over 250 architectural scale models in United States. Under his direction, our scale model makers have produced many high quality architectural models which have satisfied many clients, George is able to understand clients’ needs being that he was brought up in a family of real estate developers. Over time he has developed different techniques and processes of technology which have been incorporated in the making of all the architectural scale models produced by the company. George graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from St. Thomas University.

Claudia Rodson

Claudia Rodson

Principal – Office Director

Co-founder of Architectural Models & Designs in Miami, Claudia has coordinated and redesigned over 250 architectural scale models, she has the knowledge needed to redesign the scale models to different sizes and produce them with excellence. Her experience and dedication have made our model making studio maintain and improve the quality of the architectural models since the business opened its doors to the public. Claudia is also involved in the supervising and guiding of our scale model builders and makers during the process of design and cutting. Claudia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from St. Thomas University.